Kobe Bryant: homenajes de artistas

Los artistas le rinden tributo a Kobe Bryant con obras de todo tipo
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El 26 de enero llegaba la trágica noticia de la muerte de la leyenda de los Lakers, Kobe Bryant. Desde entonces, numerosos artistas le estuvieron rindiendo homenaje con obras de todo tipo a este ícono del basketball tan querido y respetado por todos.

Vanessa Bryant, su mujer, acaba de publicar una foto en Instagram en la que se ve a su hija Natalia en frente de uno de los murales de arte callejero titulado “mis bebés”. Pero son muchos los que aparecen con solo escribir Kobe Bryant fan art en el buscador.

“Lo más importante es tratar de inspirar a las personas para que puedan ser geniales en lo que quieran hacer”, solía decir Kobe. La efusión de obras de arte que inundan Internet demuestra cuán inspirador fue Bryant y cómo seguirá viviendo su legado.

Incluso, uno de los artistas, Tyson Beck, está proponiendo cambiar el logo de la NBA: “Más de 2 millones de personas han firmado la petición para que se actualice el logotipo de la NBA para reflejar a Kobe Bryant. El representa los valores del basket, es el embajador mundial moderno del juego.”

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Over 2 million people have signed the petition to have the NBA logo updated to reflect Kobe Bryant. To me it would be a fitting and rightfully deserved tribute to make the change. Jerry West, who is the current logo, has previously stated it’s embarrassing that he is still the logo and wishes it would be changed. Jerry was the person who drafted (traded) Kobe, he was the person who believed in him when others didn’t. Kobe is everything that represents what basketball truly stands for, he is the modern day global ambassador of the game. The reason why I would chose a dribbling pose over a fadeaway or dunk silhouette is that the change is minimal, respectful and something all fans could be happy with as respectfully the NBA is larger than Just one person so the logo shouldn’t represent one. This would leave the logo of more of an update/refresh than something completely new. Please make the change @NBA @adamsilvernba ❤️ Click the link in my bio to sign the petition. Petition creator: @thetyvonfettuccine – Design: @tysonbeck – unfortunately I’m seeing this artwork I’ve created spread like crazy but taken by others who are saying they created it and even worse it’s being illegally sold all over the internet and I’ve received messages stating that I’m selling it. I want to put out a statement that I’ve never sold this piece nor have I sold any of my artwork online, I don’t even have a store and my followers would know I’ve never once linked my artwork to be able to be purchased. I do personal work for the love and client work to put a roof over my wife and daughters head and food on the table. If you see anyone selling any work of my Kobe related artwork please DM me so I can take action and remove it ❤️

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